Saturday, December 24, 2005

Elliott's Amazing!

Daniel and I went to a movie, just the two of us, the other day in Tulsa. We saw "The Family Stone", which was pretty darn funny. Afterwards we stopped into a Barnes and Noble for a snack and to pick up a new workbook for Danya. At the snack counter we found these bottles of juice called "Elliott's Amazing" all natural juices. I managed to spill most of mine all across the table, but thankfully didn't get my Rice Krispy treats wet. We took a picture of the bottles because it's fun to find something with our last name on it!

We had to really search to find a comprehensive workbook for Danya. She has mastered all the Kindergarten and first grade work, so we got her a 2nd grade book. She's really enjoying it! I imagine she'll have it completed before the end of this school year. I told Daniel at this rate we'll have her graduating by the time she's 10! I don't want to hold her back, but this seems a little ridiculous! I think it did make him feel better to look through the Kindergarten and first grade work and realize that she already knows all of it. He seems worried sometimes that we're not doing enough, but the truth is that schoolwork/learning is accomplished so much faster in homeschool than in public school.

Yesterday, since Daniel and I weren't expecting them to do much school work two days before Christmas, the girls took matters into their own hands! Danya wrote and illustrated a beauty magazine, with articles about nail polish, hair color, lipstick, and more! It was awesome! Then they put on a play of the Christmas story complete with baby Jesus coming out from under Gloria's shirt. (Have I mentioned what a good little actress Danya is becoming?) We finished reading C. S. Lewis' "Prince Caspian" this week, too. Then Gloria read "I Can Do It, Myself" to Danya completely from memory. Oh, and they developed their own exercise program in the living room this week. It wears me out just watching them! Kids are amazing!

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