Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Madam Fifi's Gift

This year there was a special surprise gift from Madam Fifi. The girls were surprised to see her name appear on one of the gifts under the tree a couple of weeks ago. They know that Madam Fifi is the name of the nice lady who looks just like mommy but talks with a (bad) British accent while playing beauty shop with them, but why would she give them a Christmas present?

On Christmas morning it was one of the first to be opened. Inside they found all sorts of beauty supplies like glitter lip gloss, fancy nail files, purple nail clippers, lotion and more! It was all inside a brand new pink and blue denim makeup kit.

I was glad that they finally got their looong toe nails clipped when Madam Fifi made an appearance later that afternoon. The girls enjoyed getting the whole "spa" treatment including lotion rubbed on their FEET which was a novel experience! The girls received even more beauty products from Granny Jo the next day, so they are definitely set for the new year.

On the right is a picture of Danya trying out the new fluffy blush brush on Gloria. They had broken their old one and were in need of a new one.

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