Sunday, November 20, 2005

Babies, Birthdays, and Music

It's true. I've been slacking in my duties as family chronicler. Since I turned up pregnant again about 7 weeks ago, I find myself with zero energy and not the slightest ability to remember anything. So, this post is to catch up on some recent events that I not only failed to blog about, but also failed to take a single photograph of. In order of occurrence:

1. Baby Will: We were blessed with the opportunity to babysit my friend Lori's baby, Will on the 11th of November. He was an absolute joy! I loved every minute of holding him, playing with him, singing to him, and feeding him! The girls were totally absorbed with playing peek-a-boo and talking to him in the high squeaky falsetto voices that grownups think babies love.

2. KICK Choir rehearsal: Saturday morning, the 12th, Danya went to her 3 hour dress rehearsal at the church.

3. Alex's birthday: Gloria and I attended her friend Alex's 4th birthday party at Pizza Hut while Danya was at her rehearsal. She gave him a basketball and wanted to know when we could go to his house to play with it. While we were there I got to hold Alex's new baby sister, Katie. She is my friend Stephanie's 4th child and first daughter. She was so sweet! I was ecstatic when I managed to get her to stop fussing, suck on my pinkie, and fall asleep in my arms. I felt like I'd accomplished something huge, lol!

4. KICK Choir Performance: Danya's choir performed Sunday night at our church. She did a great job! She sang loudly and smiled, which at the age of 5 is tough to do. I was so proud of her! She made it through the whole performance without getting too nervous. She was like a little mother hen making the other kids near her stand up and behave.

I'm going to try to catch up on last week's events just as soon as I download the digital camera. But it's almost midnight now, I'm pregnant, and if I stay up any longer I'll start feeling hungry and pukey again, so that's it for tonight.

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