Sunday, November 20, 2005

A New Path

We've discovered a new favorite location for family bike rides! The park where Danya won the costume contest has a great biking trail. Daniel and I knew this, because a year or two ago on our anniversary we rode our bikes all around it. At that time, though, it was still under construction so the trails were incomplete and we got very very muddy.

Daniel recently managed to fit all 4 of our bikes into the van, after removing the back seat, so now we can take our bikes anywhere!

The girls love this bike trail because:
1. There is no danger of cars.
2. They get to choose which paths and turns to take.
3. It's completely smooth, no potholes or speed bumps.

We've had so much fun riding here in the past few weeks on warmer days. There are gentle hills along the path that the girls love to ride down yelling, "Wheeee!" We pretend to race each other, but "somehow" the girls always win, lol. On the first day here Danya missed a turn and Daniel and I thought she was going to roll into the lake. Luckily, she just scared herself and a few ducks. We're hoping to get the Millers to ride out here with us on the next warm day!

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