Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Family Birthday Party

Gloria celebrated her birthday with family members in OKC at Chuck E. Cheese. Thanks to my sister, Toni, (pictured at left) my brothers and sister were able to come to the party. She called everyone and made sure they were coming. I got to meet my new baby niece, Riley, and Toni's fiancee, Clayton. The picture on the left is of Gloria with her aunt Toni and uncle Shane. Daniel's sister, Robin, and her family arrived later in the evening, so Gloria got to play with 9 cousins in all! She had a great time! We could hardly get her to leave. The only down side was that somehow we forgot to let Gloria use the tickets she won to pick out a prize at the counter. So, we'll have to plan another trip, I guess! I was also sad to learn that my little brother, Ricky, has joined the Army National Guard and will be leaving for basic training soon. But I'm proud of him for supporting our country!

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Toni hall (salda) said...

we had a wonderful time with everyone! we love and miss you guys!

Toni and Clayton