Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Special Time with Daddy

Each of our girls get one "special day" a week. Right now Danya has Wednesdays. They have to be good all week to earn it. So when they are pushing their limits all we have to do is remind them that they are risking their special day and they straighten up. On their day they get to stay up about an hour after bedtime and do anything they choose (within reason). This is our chance to have one on one time with the girls. Their usual bedtime is 8pm. So tonight Danya chose to go for a bike ride with Daddy, play Barbies, and play on the computer. She asked to play Buster Bunny's U.S. geography game with Daddy tonight. Here's a link to the game: Danya did really well with it, but it is a bit advanced for her. We also learned tonight that our neighbor's house had been robbed last Monday! Our neighbor is moving out tonight. When she learned that Danya is saving up for a bigger bike she gave Danya a dollar to add to her savings! Danya was excited, to say the least. She now has about $28 towards her goal. A large chunk of that came from birthday money, but she is also doing chores to earn money. She gets 50 cents for helping with the laundry and for cleaning her room. She also makes her bed, clears and washes the table, and picks up any toys in the living room.

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Daniel Elliott said...

I have been suprised at how many people think this is a great idea. We also use this as something that we can take away a few min at a time if they are not behaving. Most of the time the Girls get to have the whole hr. I enjoy this time also I get to see what they enjoy to do and the Ideas they come up with.