Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Shopping Shopping Shopping!

We went shopping at Target today for the first time in a long time! The girls got these new dresses and they each got their first belt. They are at that inbetween stage on pants sizes, so they really needed them. Daniel also bought me two new nightgowns, since I don't have any that fit anymore, and a xyron refill. When we got there we had lunch in their little cafe. I'm a sucker for soft pretzels. We had pretzels and popcorn dipped in cheese. They have the good kind of cheese, not that super spicey nacho cheese. I'm sure it wasn't the healthiest meal ever, but it sure tasted good! We were in Tulsa because he had to fill out paperwork for the new job he's hoping to start in mid August. We all got to go up to the top of this beautiful all-glass building. We got to walk around the outer walls on the 14th floor. The view of Tulsa was just gorgeous! Daniel is excited and nervous, I think. This will be his first new job (other than delivering pizzas for a few months) in over 10 years!

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