Monday, July 04, 2005

RV at the Lake

We joined Daniel's parents on a trip to Lake McMurtry in their RV. We went swimming, cooked out, went for a small hike...all the typical things you do on a camping trip. This was our first ever family camping trip!!
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It was perfect! The sun was so warm our suits dried within minutes of getting out of the water! Then we got to enjoy the air conditioning in the RV. This is the life! The water was typical muddy Oklahoma lake water and it was a steep drop off to get into the swimming area. Daniel slipped and fell in face first! The girls excitedly gathered sticks to throw on the fire for toasting marshmallows. Daniel's mom, Nancy, was talking and sitting at the table holding a wire hanger with marshmallows on the end of it. Suddenly Daniel yelled, "Mom! They're still on fire!" They had been burning the whole time since she pulled them out of the fire when she thought she blew them out.

We got to enjoy working on homeschool work with the girls outside at a picnic table. Danya learned how to count by 5's that day! The girls also went on a nature walk with us and discovered empty Cicada shells (which gross me out) and spider webs. When we woke up the second morning we discovered perfect little muddy raccoon paw prints on my folding chair outside!! We learned alot and fell in love with the lake on this trip.


Nancy said...

looks like you had a great time!

Steph said...

Fun stuff! I love camping with my boys, minus the sleeping on the ground, using nasty bathrooms and all the bugs!

Glad you had a good time (and got some good pics!)