Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jarod and Logan's Birthday Party!

Danya's friend from Sunday school, Jarod, turned 5 last weekend! Since his little brother, Logan was turning 2 at about the same time, they had a joint birthday party. Their parents are in my and Daniel's adult Sunday school class, too! Jarod is such a sweet little boy. He's in the 4 year old class (Danya's class) that we teach. He's always ready to help in class and will sometimes be the only boy who's willing to sit at a table full of girls. I think it's cute since he doesn't have any sisters. The party went really well. All the parents there were from our church, so we enjoyed the opportunity to socialize. The kids were all very good and played well together. Jarod's house is a kid paradise! He has all kinds of fun toys and a humongous backyard! His swingset was enormous, too! I think there were about 6 different toys on it! The men in the group got bored and started a kickball game, but that was short lived. The kids were all a bit young to fully grasp the concept of running the bases. We gave the boys glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs and some other things. The girls' gave them homemade cards, but, being boys, I don't think they noticed, lol. Jarod's mom has a couple more months before her fourth child comes along, but she looks ready to pop at any minute. She showed me a pic of her last pregnancy and it was amazing how far out her belly extended on such a tiny framed woman! I think Jarod is going to really enjoy having a little sister finally!

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