Wednesday, July 27, 2005

P.E. or Pool Entertainment!

I LOVE the fact that I can have a fun day with my kids at the pool and call it homeschooling! We went to a local Recreation Center today. We played on the basketball courts for about 20 minutes, teaching the girls to bounce pass and dribble. Gloria has quite a jump shot! She jumps high, throwing the ball into the air towards Daddy, and then lands in a crouch, slapping the floor with both hands. She invented this move. She calls it "the frog throw". Then we spent about an hour in the pool. Danya loves "swimming" on her own since she is fearless in her life jacket. Gloria still wants to be held, but is getting braver. They love playing motorboat, pretending to flee from sharks, and splashing Daniel and me. Gloria had fun trying to cover up the sprinkler spouts. Danya tried to imitate the ladies who were doing laps using the butterfly stroke. She also figured out how to spin in circles. When it was time to leave we learned that Gloria had taken her clothes out of the bag I'd packed. So the girls had no "undies" and Gloria had no shirt. So she got to wear Daddy's instead. She looked so cute I had to take a picture! It was his Big Brothers Big Sisters t-shirt. Gloria decided on her own to be adorable and put her arm around her big sis. I absolutely love this photo!! Danya, with her hands held like a little lady, is wearing her shirt that she picked out to match her jeans because they both had sparkly sequins. Glory is wearing the flip flops that she laid claim to this summer when Danya decided 5 minutes after I bought them for her that she doesn't like flip flops after all. Glory would wear them non-stop if we let her! This was such a great day!

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