Monday, July 04, 2005

Fireworks and Family

We celebrated our nation's independance on June 26th at Daniel's parents' home. His folks were going out of town for a few weeks so we celebrated early. Here are some pics!
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Daniel and his dad launched roman candles together (picture A). I think they look like light sabers! His dad even used one for target practice! He shot flaming balls across the road at the burned out fountains and things that we'd already used. The girls played with sparklers and all the girls, grandma and I included, made silly shadows on the wall of the house as Daniel lit the strobe light fireworks.

My favorite has always been the smoke bombs. At one point, I threw a green smoke bomb. Daniel's dad, Wayne, jumped into the green cloud it created and started to fake choking on the smoke. I just laughed and told him to exuse himself next time! All in all, we had a BLAST!


Nancy said...

awesome photos! looks like they all had fun!

little sister said...

I'm glad you decided to add pictures of your cute family members, but did you have to pick the ugliest family photo of us!!!