Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Birthday Party

Danya's best friend, Emma, turned 5 last Sunday! Danya and Gloria went to the birthday pool party. They had a pinata and a trampoline too. Here's a pic of Emma, Gloria (background), and Danya (sitting) on the trampoline. Danya got to try out her new goggles in the pool. Her friend, Emma, swims like a fish and taught Danya to go underwater. Daniel took the girls since I wasn't feeling well. The pinata was unique. Instead of hitting it, everyone grabs a string and pulls until it breaks. The kids loved it! Both of our girls came home with a TON of candy. Emma is in our Sunday school class that we teach. She is simply amazing. She runs like a speeding bullet, has no fear, and can climb across the monkey bars in the blink of an eye. AND she'll do it all with a skirt and sandles on! She is also polite, gentle mannered, and well behaved. I couldn't ask for a better "best friend" for Danya.

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