Thursday, July 28, 2005

Harry Potter - Okay for Christians?

The Harry Potter issue seems to be in debate everywhere I look lately, so I thought I'd comment on it. First and foremost whether to read, or allow your children to read, any book should be a personal decision made by each person and/or parent. So, no matter what you personally decide, you don't have the right or the obligation to tell someone else what is right for them. If you're not sure, search your conscience, pray about it, and then make a decision and stand by it. Just don't expect others to abide by the dictates of YOUR conscience.

I've read the first Harry Potter book and watched the first two movies. They weren't bad, but they also didn't make me desperate to read/see the rest. I think that they are not appropriate for my young children because they are very scary. However, if my girls want to read or watch them when they are a little older I'll decide whether to allow them based on my assessment of their emotional maturity. As for my opinion on the "witchcraft" in these stories I will refer you to this link: The author, Brad Williams, sums it up very well and I completely agree with his opinion.

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