Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Last Friday our ceiling fan caught fire! Gloria was standing underneath it in the middle of the living room. I heard a bunch of pops, looked up, and saw sparks and then blue flame shooting out of the glass around one of the lights on the fan. Quickly switching into Homeschooling Mom mode, I used this ideal "teachable moment" to explain to Gloria my thoughts on electrical fires. I screamed like a little girl and yelled, "Run! Get in the kitchen, NOW!!" ...Seriously, though, I and the girls panicked a bit. Daniel calmly switched off the power to the light. Gloria was in the kitchen by that point, understandably hysterical. Daniel got her calmed down. The next day we went ceiling fan shopping. Dan borrowed a ladder and took down the ruined fan. There was a hole burned right through the metal casing of the fan! He attempted to install the new fan, but in the end we hired a repairman.

Daniel and Gloria have been working together now to repair our vacuum cleaner. They were having vacuum cleaner races (Gloria has a play one) when they discovered that our vacuum has lost its ability to suck. They disassembled it, removed a ton of old hair and dirt that was clogging it up, and it worked a bit better. Today they tried to use the hose attachment and found even MORE hair and gook in the hose. So they are working on it again. Daniel thinks that the actual problem is that the motor is going out. I hope not. We've had this vacuum for less than a year and don't have the funds to replace it. Gloria is definitely learning a lot at least!

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