Sunday, July 24, 2005

Digital vs. Traditional

Two layouts I recently completed. The one on the left was made digitally on my computer. The one on the right was made by hand at my scrapbooking table. I still don't know which style I prefer. Honestly, digital is easier and cheaper. The paper, embellishments, and even photos are free. I can even have it printed at Office Depot for a buck if I want to have something to put in a real album. I can change the size and color of every component until it's just the way I want. If I mess it up, I can delete it and try again with no real loss. But there is just something about looking at beautiful patterned paper and little embellishments like the sheer pink ribbon on the page on the right that makes me happy. There is something soothing about cutting and pasting(taping, in my case) all the pieces just like we all used to do in grade school. You can feel the textures and see the little imperfections that cry "hand made!" to the viewer. So, to my friends that fear I will go all digital, don't worry. There is room for both in my scrapbooks!

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