Friday, July 08, 2005


Today we went out to the big new park in our city. Fox 23 News was broadcasting live there this evening. Our church set up a booth and gave away hotdogs, chips, and water bottles. We got to see the Owasso Highschool cheerleaders perform and Danya got autographs from the newscasters and took a picture with the weatherman, Jon Slater!! I don't know if the girls got on t.v. or not, but the camera was pointed at them a few times. The folks from Fox 23 News were really nice. They asked Danya a few questions, but she was being shy. We also bought icecream from a very smart lady who parked her ice cream truck at the park during the event. Gloria got a Kim Possible icecream on a stick and the sun promptly turned it into mush. She was head to toe orange!! Her face, shirt, hands, arms, and even legs were covered with sticky goo. Danya did better with hers. I think that watching a live broadcast and seeing how they film the news can be considered a fun little homeschool field trip, so that's what I'm calling today. They had a t.v. hooked up so that we could watch it while they filmed, which was neat. Our church had a pretty good turn out. I saw a couple of boys from the Sunday school class I teach. This event is going to make one fun scrapbook page, that's for sure!

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