Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Science Experiment: Air Pressure

Daniel is the man in charge when it comes to science experiments in our homeschool! Mostly because I don't like getting messy, but really he volunteered. This particular "science experience" as Danya calls it, was about air pressure. You fill the cup partially with water, put a piece of paper on top and flip it over. The pressure inside sucks the paper to the lid and keeps the water inside. Gloria's favorite part was getting to pull the paper off and watch the water fall out. The girls and Daniel have tried quite a few "experiences" this year already. They tried to make crystals out of sugar...but they left it outside and it got rained on. The tried to make a rainbow with the sun and a water hose...but just then Danya noticed that the bathroom toilet was flooding. But hey, at least they got to watch Daddy repair a toilet! Another time they filled a jar with water, flipped it over in a pan, and inserted a straw into the jar. Then Gloria blew into it to see how much air was in her lungs...but the water gushed out, the pan overflowed, and we had to clean up a huge mess. Danya also grew her own tomatoes to learn about plants...but a storm broke it in half and it died. I keep reminding myself that succesful experiments aren't the point. The point is enjoying learning as a family and all the great memories we are making together!

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This is a cool experiment.. It really helped me with my assignment at school.... Thanks