Friday, August 26, 2005

Meridian Turns 9!

My absolutely stunningly beautiful niece, Meridian, turned 9 years old yesterday. She is literally a beauty queen and has a trophy to prove it, but what makes her truly beautiful is her gentle heart. She is so loving and quick to help everyone including her younger sisters and brothers. Danya and Gloria love their older cousin. She is like a big sister to them. I love how intelligent and curious she is. It's a joy to talk and play with her whenever we visit her family. This picture doesn't do her justice. She has long gorgeous straight blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and a smile that shines from ear to ear. She was born the day before I married her uncle nine years ago. She was one of the first babies I ever got to hold! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MERIDIAN! We love you!

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Steph said...

She is adorable..and I LOVE Her name!