Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Every BODY's Beautiful!

For science this week the girls learned about their insides. The girls laid down outside on some paper and we traced their outlines. Then they colored and cut out the different parts of their bodies. They were especially fascinated with learning where poop comes from. Gloria even helpfully drew arrows on her picture. She had a little trouble following instructions on what colors to use because she wants to make it "beautiful". I figured in the long run it won't really matter if she colored her stomach blue or purple. The only problem we had was that the body parts were designed for a slightly older child, so they didn't fit quite right in her body. They were a little crowded, but we made it work. Danya felt that it should have included a ribcage. I had originally planned to spread out this project over the course of the week. The girls were enjoying it so much, though, I just let them do the whole thing in two days! This new science workbook I found at a garage sale is really great. I can't wait to do more projects from it!


Sally said...

LOL my dd is fascinated by where poop comes from too LOL. What a good idea for a project!

Sandra said...

I LOVE your blog! We're a homeschooling family too. We are beginning 1st grade next week and I'm SO excited! I'm also starting my littlest in some preschool. I taught public school for 5 years before staying home with my kids. I've definately added your blog to my favorites and I think I'll start another blog just for our homeschool adventures.

God Bless!