Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Car Wreck!

Daniel was hit at an intersection last Sunday by a speeding pickup truck that turned too wide! The driver smashed the side of our van and then took off! So Daniel (not about to let him get away with that!) chased him down and blocked his vehicle in. Then he jumped out and started yelling. The driver was a 19 yr old guy who was late for his job at a fast food place. His license was expired and he was driving his girlfriend's car. He wants to just pay for damages and asked Daniel not to make a claim on his girlfriend's insurance. We got an estimate yesterday. It will cost $1,200 to repair and take 80 hours of labor. So that probably means we will also have to have a rental car for a week or two. I don't see how this kid can possibly pay for this. I'm hoping Daniel will decide to just make a claim through the insurance. But he's feeling sort of fatherly, I guess, because he's talking about letting the kid make a payment plan. That kid made a whole series of bad choices and I don't think letting him off easy will teach him anything. If you're reading this feel free to comment and give your opinion!

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