Saturday, August 06, 2005

Off to Florida!

We are driving to Daniel's parents' house tonight. Then bright and early tomorrow morning my girlfriends and I are heading off to Florida! I'm frantically trying to decide what to pack! The cost of this trip keeps escalating. We are going to a musical dinner theatre performing some sort of swing dance music review. So I had to go buy something to wear because there is a dress code. Of course, none of my dresses or skirts fit any more. Also, I'm officially that weird size right between the "Misses" clothes dept. and the Plus size. So I searched 5 clothing stores before finding an outfit that fit, looked good, and I could afford. $50 later... uh, I guess "afford" is a relative term. I've never spent that much on one outfit before! Anyway, wish me luck! I'm super excited and nervous. I'm going to miss my family terribly, but I'm really looking forward to spending alot of time with my friends that I so rarely get to see for more than an hour at a time a few times a year.Well, my dh is about to start honking the horn if I don't go.
See ya in about a week!

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