Saturday, August 27, 2005

McDonald's Birthday Party!

Danya's friend, Ben, turned 5 this week. Watching him open his presents was the best part of his party at McDonald's today. He would get so excited jumping up and down and squealing "Awesome! Awesome!...What is it?" when he'd open a new present. He was just as ecstatic over markers as he was over his all time favorite "Thomas the Tank Engine". He even received a train named "Ben" that you can see at this link: We got to see several friends from our previous church that we've missed alot. The girls had a great time playing with all the kids. Our friend, Trish, even blessed us with some blue jeans and a jacket for our girls! She has girls just a little older than each of our girls. We also got to see her beautiful new baby girl, Carly. Danya gave Ben some mini monster trucks and Gloria gave him a nerf football. He seemed pretty happy throughout his party. It was good to see his Mom, Michelle, again. I really enjoy having her as a friend. The girls and I ran into Michelle and Ben at McAlister's Deli a few days ago. We got to sit and talk together over lunch. Michelle is a lot of fun and really level headed. She always has good advice and makes the neatest craft projects. She's a scrapbooker, too! Ben is lucky to have her for a mom. Happy Birthday, Ben!

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