Saturday, August 27, 2005

Anniversary Gone Awry

Our nine year wedding anniversary was yesterday. Everything should have been great. Both of our girls were staying the night at their friends' houses. Daniel was coming home early from work. We dropped off Danya, and were almost to Gloria's friend's house, when the radio in our van quit working. Then the speedometer quit. Then the entire electrical system went nuts and our car died a block from our destination. We walked to their house, got a jump for the van, and made it half way to Auto Zone before the van died again. So we took a break and had dinner at McAlister's. Then we got another jump and made it the rest of the way. I stood around in Auto Zone for 3 and half hours while Daniel replaced the alternator in our van. I was impressed that he actually knew how to replace an alternator. I always thought an alternator was something in the steering column. I am sooo not mechanically inclined! lol. Finally we got to go to a 10 o'clock movie. We saw The Brothers Grimm which I'd probably give a B- to because I liked the special effects and the actors, but the plot line was terrible. This morning the van died again right after we picked up Gloria from her friend's house. Daniel had overlooked a connection when he was working in the dark last night. He fixed it and it's working fine now. So that's the story of our 9th anniversary. I'm pretty disappointed and I kind of hope Daniel will give us a re-do and take me out next weekend. Actually, we both discussed how blessed we were overall. We could have broken down far from help. It could have been a problem that Daniel couldn't fix. We could have still had the kids in the car bored and upset that they couldn't go to their friends' houses. It could have happened earlier this week and made Daniel miss a day during his first week at his new job. We could have had to buy a new car if the problem was expensive enough. Really, we feel like God took care of us the whole way and even allowed us time together despite the problems.

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