Thursday, August 04, 2005

Date Night at Applebees

See my new highlights and perm? I've been having a bit of hair work done by Azure in preparation for my upcoming road trip to Florida. We got the highlights done Monday morning and went out to Applebees that night. Daniel and I spent about an hour at a bookstore that sells discount books. The clerk gave me the 15% off teacher's discount because I'm a homeschool teacher! He said his mom homeschools his sisters! We had a great time talking and enjoying each other's company at Applebees. I'm really going to miss my Sweetie next week. We've never been apart for a whole week before in the entire almost 9 years we've been married! Daniel is so great! He's going to follow my lesson plan while I'm gone and homeschool the girls. He's taking a week vacation just so that I can go on this trip. He says he plans to do alot of outdoor activities like going to the sprinkler park near the zoo. Our girls are so lucky to have him for a dad!


Sally said...

wow - I'm seeing a lot of homeschoolers who have already started. interesting. So far my plan is to start after labor day....maybe I should reconsider? What a great hubby you have, so willing to teach your kids while you're gone! I don't know if my dh would be so willing. Willing probably, but overwhelmed LOL. Very cool about your discount......I wonder if that is a common thing? I should check into that. A discount is always nice!!!

suburban mom said...

ahh, what a sweetie! nice post.