Friday, August 26, 2005

Playing Games: WaterWorks

We've taught the girls to play "Waterworks" a game about plumbing. There are alot of games that work well for home schooling and this is one of them. They have to work together to create the pipe system. They also have to help each other out to fix the leaky pipes. We altered the rules to make it more of a cooperative game instead of competitive. The girls use problem solving skills and strategy. They talk to each other about what cards they have so that, for instance, Gloria will be able to fix a leaky pipe that Danya puts down. Gloria absolutely LOVES being the one to "fix" the pipes. But then, she loves fixing everything around our house. Frequently you'll hear Danya complain that she broke a toy and Gloria will say, "That's okay. I'll fix it!" and she really will too! This is a great game. This week the girls both asked to play it during their "special time". They each get one night a week that is their special time when they get to stay up an extra hour and play one-on-one with Daniel and/or me. You can find this game here:

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