Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ceiling Fan Collapse

Another ceiling fan disaster. The last one caught fire, this one fell out of the ceiling. The girls saw it start to fall. So I came into their room, saw it hanging half out of the hole in the ceiling, and turned it off. When Daniel came home he took a look at it. He said the screws were stripped and couldn't hold it any more. So he took it the rest of the way down. He doesn't think it will support another fan, so he wants to mount just a light instead. I'm okay with that. Since we took down Danya's tent off her bunkbed I'm constantly worried that one of them is going to stick their hand into the fan. They've really enjoyed having the tent off, though. Gloria hung a blanket up in the corner next to the window and brought books and dolls up there. Danya likes to open the blinds and wave at people passing by on the street.

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