Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bye Bye MCI!

Daniel has left his job of 10 years to move to another company. This picture of him at his desk was taken in January of 2004. He's in telecommunications and, if I do say so, is an excellent technician! I am so proud of him! He works incredibly hard. He won't take a sick day unless he's on death's door...except if his family needs him for something important. (He has been known to fly home for a moment to kill an evil wasp for me once or twice, lol) He even drove in during a blizzard when no one else showed up one night! Daniel has a servant's heart and likes to help everybody solve work related issues. He respects others who show up on time and do their job well. He holds himself to the same standards, too. He's excited about his new job because he'll be learning new systems and really be challenged again in his work. Also, he'll be working with several people he knows who used to work at his old company. A few guys from our Sunday school class work in the same company too, just different departments. Today is Daniel's third day at his new job. Congrats, Sweetie!

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