Thursday, August 18, 2005

Do you like Pina Coladas?

I don't like them, but then, I hate all things made with coconut. Actually, I dislike the taste of almost all alcohol. On my trip to Florida, however, I got the chance to sample some different drinks and decided that I definitely like strawberry margaritas and I don't really care for strawberry daiquiries as much. The top left pic is of me at the Alhambra Dinner Theatre in Jacksonville where I ordered a daiquiri under peer pressure...but I must have liked it by the bottom of the glass because I finished off my friend Christina's drink, too. Oh, and Jennie, I still owe you 6 bucks! On the trip home Glenda, Christina, and I stopped at an Applebee's restaurant for dinner and to give us some time out of the van. We had been driving for about 12 hours by that point. I ordered a margarita, they served me a daiquiri. So then they made the right one and gave me the daiquiri free! How could I refuse?! Yes, I definitely enjoyed this time without kids and knowing I had a designated driver along for the ride. And for the record, I learned that only 2 drinks CAN make me feel pretty woozy. I didn't even finish the second one because my stomach revolted and I decided to play it safe instead of risking damage to my best friend's van. I got the opportunity to have a drink with my meal 3 times on this trip! Of course, it will probably be the only time all year since I don't usually drink at all. Interesting tidbit: My step-grandmother's name is Margarita!

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