Thursday, August 04, 2005

Azure & the Missing Post!

Where did my post go? I had a very nice little post thanking my good friend, Azure, for letting my kids stay the night at her house on Monday, August 1st. It has DISAPPEARED! I reloaded my blog after changing the settings to allow all my posts (up to 999) to appear on the main page at once. When I rechecked my blog, the most recent post was gone! I can't remember exactly what I had written, so I will try to post the main points here.

1. Azure is my hairdresser and friend.

2. She has two cuties, Zack and Adyson.

3. She's from Odessa, TX like in the football movie "Friday Night Lights".

4. She is in my Sunday school class and her daughter is the same age as Danya.

5. She has the gift of hospitality and is always there for me and my family.

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