Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Fort at St. Augustine

The fort was interesting but would have been more enjoyable if it weren't so incredibly shockingly mind-numbingly HOT. We pretty much all entered the fort together then immediately split up and fanned out. I love fantasy novels about castles and guys weilding swords, so this was pretty close to heaven for me! I loved the texture of the walls, the ruggedness of the living quarters. The barracks rooms were so great! It was something straight out of a movie or book! I could practically "see" the soldiers and people fresh off the boats moving through the various rooms. I crawled through a tiny tunnel into what had once been a storage room and later became a prison. I tried to imagine the fear, filth, and sheer claustrophobia of being crammed into this room overflowing with other prisoners. I didn't stay more than a minute. They frequently had to hold out against enemy attack in this fort, so they'd made one room into a bathroom. The back wall had a long bench with holes in it. I imagine that several people would use it at once. On the roof, looking down, I didn't feel very safe or protected. It must have been awful to stand up there manning the cannons and trying to return fire while being shot at from below. You can see in the above picture that the walls along the roof aren't very high. I sat on one to have my picture taken. In the gift shop I found some playing cards with pictures and facts about Famous Women of the Civil War. I like the idea of reading to my daughters about women who made a difference in the world. I want them to know that women can be obedient to God and their husbands while still being brave and strong. Women of the past seemed to understand that better than alot of women of today. Also, a lot of history talks about the courage and strength of men, while not seeming to notice that women faced the same hardships..while also dealing with having their periods and raising children. I want my daughters to be confident in themselves.

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