Sunday, December 07, 2008

Welcome Winter

We got a heavy snowfall on Thursday. By Friday morning there was enough for Daniel to take some of the kids sledding. Snow White and Brother were nervous about the idea because they had never been sledding before. By the time they came back their faces were bright red and grinning from ear to ear.

The kids were all busting with stories about how much fun they had. Daniel took them to the big hill at the Community Park near Brother's bus stop. It's a two seater sled, so they went down in teams. Daniel says we should get another sled so that next time the kids can have races. I have visions of sled crashes rather than races, but the kids all love the idea. Apparently the only ones who actually fell out of the sled were Daniel and Kevin when they hit a bump at a bad angle. Now we just have to work on getting more snow boots and snow suits for some of the kids who don't have them yet. Thumbelina has specifically requested a pair of boots for Christmas, but hopefully we can get her some this coming weekend.

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