Sunday, December 07, 2008

Official Teenager

This week Miss Lady turned 13, so we are now the proud parents of a teenager for the first time ever. On Wednesday night I took Miss Lady out to eat at Panda Express and then we went shopping so she could pick out a scrapbooking kit that she'd been wanting. She had the whole kit, pictures and all, assembled by Friday night. Yup, I was impressed.

We also celebrated earlier in the day with the other kids. Miss Lady had a cheese cake birthday cake and got jewelry, clothes, and some new boots that are in style right now. They are black with fur trim and little pom pom balls and are meant to be worn on the outside of her jeans. They go nicely with her black fur trimmed coat.

On Friday night Daniel took Miss Lady out for some Pho which is a food that her family eats on special occasions. Even though Miss Lady is Cambodian, apparently they enjoy Vietnamese food. Then she and Daniel went to Skate City where she had a great time skating and being silly with about six of her school friends. Daniel enjoyed being the designated photographer. He's such a good dad. I'm glad that he and Miss Lady got a chance to spend some time together.

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