Sunday, December 21, 2008

Elmo Live!

My Aunt Kathy surprised us all by sending the kids Christmas gifts in the mail. The older kids were all ecstatic to see clothing and money among other things, but the absolute smash hit was the Elmo Live doll that she sent for Kevin.

He is now our 2 year old's best friend and woe to anyone who tries to play with Elmo without Kevin's permission. They stand in the kitchen and dance together with Kevin laughing his head off. Today Kevin led me by the hand to his darkened bedroom doorway and whispered, "Mommy, there's a monster in my room!" I looked in and, sure enough, there was. Elmo was standing on the desk under Kevin's loft bed and all we could see were his eyes and nose. So we went in, opened his window blinds to let in a little light, and danced together with his favorite furry red friend.

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