Sunday, December 14, 2008

Foster Family Christmas Party 2008

This year we finally made it to the annual Christmas party for Adams County foster families. I was actually surprised at how many people we knew at the party. There were some people that we work with on a monthly basis through the county that didn't even know I was pregnant. That was sort of funny to see the surprised looks on their faces.

We took the girls shopping to pick out new dresses for the party. We found these cute purple velvety ones on sale at Kmart for about $10 each. The girls looked lovely. The Christmas party was packed with about 500 kids, but everything was well organized. Our kids got to frost cookie ornaments, make picture frames, dance, take pictures with Santa, and even receive a gift. Our family won a door prize, too. It was a giant basket of food and a gift card to King Sooper's grocery store so that we can make an entire Christmas dinner. I think one of the best parts of the evening was getting to see one of our former foster sons with his hopefully future adoptive family. He looked really healthy and happy. It was a good night.

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