Sunday, December 14, 2008

Adoption Update

Briefly I thought I'd let everyone know where we're at in the adoption process. Last Thursday was supposed to be the day that Snow White and Brother were made legally free for adoption. I went to court since it was going to be the official "TPR" which means Termination of Parental Rights. Unfortunately the case got delayed over an hour and the judge agreed that there wasn't enough time before the lunch recess to get the whole thing done since the kids' bio mom had decided to contest the TPR.

Her lawyer argued that he would be unable to fairly present her case since he hadn't known she'd changed her mind about agreeing to the kids' adoption and because she had been unable to contact him since she was in jail for the past three weeks. Two different jails actually on two separate charges during that time. So the whole case has been postponed until February. It's possible that if, after her criminal case hearing, she ends up out of jail, she could get visitation started with her kids even though she hasn't wanted to see them for the past six months. She had one visit with them in November that we foolishly agreed to when the caseworker suggested it as an opportunity to get pictures of her with her kids to keep in their album in case they ever wonder what she looked like. We're praying that this is just a bump in the road towards adoption and doesn't affect the kids negatively.

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Kelly said...


Visits are soooo hard on the kids we have. Bio parents are so inconsistant with them and it leaves the kids even more confused about things. They tell the kids things...Be bad and you will get to come home...which makes our job harder.

I am sorry about this bump in the road. I hope she changes her mind before February.