Sunday, December 07, 2008

Kid Sister

My younger kids have trouble grasping the concept that Aunt Toni is my "baby sister" since she's 26 and not exactly a baby anymore. They'll understand some day. No matter how old they get, the "baby" of the family will always stay the baby.

This year she swooped in and scooped up my just about to turn 13 year old daughter, Miss Lady. She wanted to take her out and have some "girl talk" with her since she knows I'm woefully lacking in certain skills. We made it a girls only trip, just the three of us. Toni helped Miss Lady select the perfect make up for her skin and gave her expert tips on how to apply it all. She gave her advice on boys and friendships. She shared inside jokes and rolled eyes with Miss Lady when I started sounding a little too much like our mom. We had lunch at a pizza place before heading home. I'm glad that Miss Lady and my little sister got along so well. I'm also thankful to Toni for telling Miss Lady that she's learned to trust my advice over the years because it's always intended to protect her and said in love.

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Dreama said...

Wow she has really grown up. I remember coming to your house and she following us around lol.