Sunday, December 14, 2008

LIFE Christmas Concert 2008

Last night the girls were in the kids' choir as part of the annual Christmas concert that our church, LIFE Fellowship, puts on. It was particularly special because it was our first official night in the new sanctuary that our church has been working on for a very long time. Despite a few minor mishaps like malfunctioning microphones and a little boy in the front row taking a nose dive down the stairs, everything went very well. The new addition to the church looked beautiful.

The kids were all so cute singing their one song, "Look Who Just Checked In" that the music director let them sing it twice. Spotting our kids in the group photo is a little bit like playing "Where's Waldo?" but we could see them just fine from our seats up in the side balcony. The girls were so excited about their new dresses. Danya was the only one who didn't have a new one, because we couldn't find one she liked in her size. She wore a dress that was given to us recently by a friend of hers who lives down the street from us.

Seeing the band play up on the new stage was sort of bitter sweet. I was glad that I didn't have to add my own performance to the stress of the evening since getting four little girls prepared was tiring enough for me, but I also wished I could be up there with my friends. I was hoping to play for the Grand Opening celebration this morning, but unfortunately we had a heavy snowfall last night after the concert that was still piling up higher this morning. I was worried about driving myself to church in that mess like I normally would since band members have to arrive an hour before church starts. I kept imagining crashing in the snow and going into early labor all alone in our little car. On top of that Gloria had thrown up right after the concert and was still very sick this morning, so Daniel was staying home with the kids. When Sarah called to say I'd gotten the new time wrong and was already half an hour late for band I just gave in to the inevitable and we stayed home.

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