Sunday, December 07, 2008

Kevin's Babies

Just before we headed out on our trip to Oklahoma Kevin started a new game. He takes care of his imaginary babies which vary in number from one to four depending on the day. He carries them around in his cupped hands asking us to kiss them or hold them. At Grandma's house he laid them down on a pillow in the playpen, covered them up with a blanket, and sang them a lull-a-bye. He's a very good daddy.

When we got back home we decided to let him play with one of the girls' old doll babies. He's started sleeping with it every night and carrying it around. He tells us to be quiet when his baby is sleeping. I guess this is his way of preparing for the arrival of his new baby sister which seems to be taking much too long in his opinion.

One of his favorite things to do is snuggle up with me when I'm laying down and ask, "What I do with Katie?" Then I tell him all the things he'll be able to do with baby Katie when she's born. We talk about how he'll hold her and find her pacifier, bring me her diapers, pick out her clothes. He's looking forward to letting her hold his finger and showing her all his toys and books. I tell him he'll be a good big brother and he nods his head and says, "Yes, I will!"

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