Sunday, December 28, 2008

Special Xmas Eve

This year on Christmas Eve as Daniel was heading off to bed (having worked the night before) he mentioned that he'd sort of like to have a special dinner that night. So I grabbed some groceries while he was sleeping and the kids and I prepared a surprise dinner. We had chicken, mashed potatoes, cinnamon yams, corn, wheat rolls, veggies & dip, and deviled eggs. Anyone who knows my usual cooking style of "open the box and dump it in the pan" surely understands that this was a much bigger undertaking for me. We had a lot of fun and Daniel was very happily surprised. As a final treat for the kids we had them all dress up in their fancy clothes, turned down the lights, and ate by candle light. The girls thought it was wonderful.

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April said...

The girls were right, this is a wonderful idea. So thoughtful and sweet!