Sunday, December 07, 2008

To Grandpa's House We Go!

Over the river and through the woods...

Why is it that we always seem to say we're going to Grandma's house as if it isn't also Grandpa's house? He's definitely a good half of the fun when we get there. The kids all gravitate to Grandpa Wayne within a short time of arrival. Maybe it's because he's willing to give "under dogs" on the swing, puts up with being a human jungle gym, and doesn't mind the little ones all trying to steal his hat while giggling like mad.

That's not to say that Grandma isn't a major attraction, too. The kids all love getting to help her cook, baking pies, playing "Can't Stop" (her favorite board game), opening all the little surprise gifts she always has for them, and just snuggling on her lap and reading bedtime stories. I've always said that Daniel's family is like a Norman Rockwell painting and it's still true. His parents are the ideal grandparents.

Although the trip down and back was incredibly long, it was worth it. We got to spend time with family, visit with friends, eat way too much food, and see all the cousins renew old friendships and even make a few new ones. Miss Lady and our niece, Meridian, became instant friends, almost inseparable. We even had time to drive back to our former town, Owasso, and catch up with our friends, the Millers. My friend, Betsy, is due with her fourth child (their first boy!) on Tuesday. It's always been fun that our four biological kids are the same ages as theirs. Of course, now we have a few extras. Betsy's daughter, Courtney, said, "Mom, Danya and Gloria sure have a lot more brothers and sisters now!"

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