Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Waiting to Exhale

We're all holding our breaths waiting to find out what's going to happen with Miss Lady and Thumbelina. The court hearing with their parents was this morning. The assessment worker called just as it started to give us an update. He said that he's spoken to the girls' parents and they don't seem to be very helpful. They didn't provide a list of possible relative's contact info. He's supposed to let us know by tomorrow if there is a safe relative that they can go to live with. He asked if we were willing to let them stay with us if there isn't any suitable family and of course we said we'd love for them to stay.

He also said it was up to us to decide if we wanted to enroll them in a local school or drive them to their previous school. We talked to the girls about it and decided to go ahead and drive Miss Lady to her middle school for the next couple of days until we know if they're going to be moved or not. Thumbelina's school was too far for us to try and drive, so we'll just hold off until we know if she's staying. If they stay then we'll enroll them both in a local school. Miss Lady was very happy to go back to school today and see all her friends and teachers. Apparently, today was a special day called "connect the dots day" and she was relieved that she didn't miss it. I also learned that she needs special help with reading and her school's "literacy class" teacher is encouraging her to "guess" at words. She has no idea of what phonics is about. So we're going to start working together with Snow White at the beginning. As she helps me teach Snow White, hopefully she'll start picking it up, too.

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