Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pioneer Dioramas

Since we're finishing up the book "The Cabin Faced West" I decided to let the kids do a project with all the shoe boxes we collected last Friday. They started work today on prairie dioramas. They painted the backgrounds and started building "log cabins" out of Popsicle sticks. Tomorrow we'll all brain storm to see what else we'd like to add to the scenes. Most of them did pretty good. Snow White didn't listen to the directions I gave and ended up painting her sky green. Daniel says that her cabin will just be on a very big hill.

Tonight was also Snow White's "special day" and she was kind enough to share it with Thumbelina since poor Thumbelina slept through her time last night. We stayed up late reading the end of a different chapter book and she fell asleep just before the ending. I think it's great that they all get so excited to find out what happens next in the story and beg me all day long to finish the book. Anyway, tonight Snow White and Thumbelina played Candy Land with me and then made foam animal puppets on Popsicle sticks. Thumbelina was just amazed at the concept of a mom wanting to sit down and play a board game with her. She and Miss Lady have started calling Daniel and I "Daddy" and "Mommy" in the last two days. It really surprised me coming from Miss Lady, but she says it's just easier since that's what everyone else calls us. I sure don't mind!

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