Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sing Your Way to Church

Today was so much fun! We loaded up the van with all nine of us and then picked up Sarah and Shannon. We almost filled the van! The kids wanted to sing church songs all the way there, so we all had a great time singing, clapping, and laughing. At church everything went well, despite my fear that missing band practice Wednesday night and not playing at all last week would mean I'd sound awful during worship. It was fine, though. I need to get working on the music for the Christmas concert.

Miss Lady and Thumbelina did well in their Sunday school classes. Shannon and Sarah helped Miss Lady to feel included in the youth group, which was great. Brother's teacher asked that we move him down to the 2 year old class with Kevin because Brother just isn't able to participate in class time with the three and four year olds. He did fine in Kevin's class. I'm worried, though, since Brother's "Child Find" evaluation is this Tuesday. They already said they have an afternoon Pre-K class open that he can join. He just would not do well in a situation like that at all. I'm really hoping they see that. We're going to be praying like crazy that they do.

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Shannon said...

so when are you going to tell us the baby boy or girl. I am writing on my blog again:)