Friday, October 03, 2008

Our First 12 year old!

We're on our way to go pick up two sisters ages 8 and 12! They're Cambodian! More info soon! Wish us luck!


Kelly said...

Hope things go well. Please update soon. I don't like waiting for days to hear about these things :)

Kelly said...

Have you heard about the sibling group you were hoping to be chosen for? You mentioned them in the post about Snow White and Brother coming.

Jess said...

The two sisters are great! I'll try to get photos up soon, but with seven kids now it's a little nuts. Can you believe we were crazy enough to go shoe shopping tonight with all of them?!!

We did not hear any word about the two kids we were hoping for. I left a message for the adoption placement person, but she hasn't called back. I'm assuming that no news means we weren't chosen.

More soon!

Kelly said...

Shoes...that was an issue with the 3 little ones we had too. It is so hard when they don't come with shoes that fit or no shoes at all. It's hard to even take them shopping for shoes, cause they don't have shoes to wear to go shopping in. I am sure you are very busy but isn't it wonderful having so much to do. I am so ready for our next placement. My kiddos are older and so easy that I look forward to being busy busy again.
Hope things go smooth! Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see pics.