Monday, October 27, 2008

Princess Gloria and Her Ladies in Waiting

We could have had a "12 Dancing Princesses" party since that turned out to be the exact number of girls in attendance at Gloria's 7th Birthday. It was a pretty good turn out considering we didn't get around to inviting anyone until three days before. The girls decorated little foam princess crowns, had their faces painted by me with flowers, hearts, rainbows and such, watched Beauty and the Beast, and each went home with a tiara, necklace, princess pencil, and a homemade candy lollipop rose.

Gloria received an odd assortment of gifts from a toy telephone to a monkey shaped bath towel (she loves monkeys). She really wanted a Sleeping Beauty Barbie, but I got her the less expensive bathtub version that has a swimsuit under her short skirt. Fortunately, my mom ("Granny Jo") called tonight to tell us that she was sending Gloria a belated birthday card with enough money in it to get the actual doll she wants.

We made sure that Glory got to be extra special on her day. Besides having her hair curled I also applied pink roll on glitter eye makeup and hot pink nail polish for her. She looked beautiful and wanted to show her nails in every posed photo. Tomorrow is her actual birthday. We plan to go to the mall and pick up the new Tinkerbell movie that Danya pre-ordered with her allowance money weeks ago. We'll watch it tomorrow night after all the kids are home from school. It's still just so hard to believe that my baby girl is seven!

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Steve said...

happy birthday gloria!! we love you and miss you !
uncle and aunt chritina