Monday, October 27, 2008

Caramelized and Exhausted

In this month's discounted food items we received through the foster parent food bank co-op were several bags of caramel that can be melted. However, other than caramel apples we haven't got a clue what to do with all of it. The kids had fun dipping the apples and twisting the sticks to fully coat them with caramel. The difficulty came later when we tried to eat them. We ended up slicing them. I think next time we might just melt some caramel and dip some slices in to eat while it's still warm. I'm also debating whether we should give a bunch of bags away to the kids in our AWANA groups this Wednesday night so that they can make some caramel apples with their families before Halloween.

Actually, starting this week I will no longer be a leader in AWANA. Another homeschooling mom friend of mine, Kathy, has agreed to take over my group. I'm attempting as best I can to obey my OB doctor who has ordered me to take it easy and cut back as much as possible. That's easier said than done. This past week we had four dentist appointments, one WIC appointment, one baby doc (OB) checkup, and Gloria's birthday party, too, among many other things we typically do.

I've been at the school so many times recently that the staff, teachers, and classmates of my kids are starting to recognize me by sight and tell me where my kids are before I can ask. Then Saturday the battery in our huge van died and I had to help Daniel push it down the drive way and then up hill into the street so that we could connect it via jumper cables to the car. By Sunday morning my lower back was screaming at me and I could barely hobble around the house. Maybe I can start taking it easy after the baby comes?


Anonymous said...

carmel brownies are yummy! Please take it easy or you'll be on bedrest and what fun would that be?


Jess said...

Danya tried making some caramel brownies with mint chocolate chips. wasn't good. We threw out half the pan. But hey, learning to bake is about having fun experimenting sometimes, right?