Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Princesses

Saturday was Gloria's 7th birthday and her second Princess Party. Last year she had princesses and knights, but this year there were no boys allowed according to her highness... not even Daddy. So Daniel took the boys over to the park to play. We spent the morning decorating the kitchen with long swaths of gauzy material in two shades of purple (the color of royalty, of course) and various Disney princess decorations.

A large chunk of time was taken up in washing, blow drying, and curling hair for five little princesses. I'm so glad that I don't have to do that for them on a regular basis. We also worked on the cake, which I actually googled that very morning and then ran to the store to buy the necessary ingredients and things. Have I mentioned that I love the internet? The "R" made out of marshmallows on the cake is supposed to stand for "Rose" as in Briar Rose, Gloria's favorite Disney princess and also Gloria's middle name.


Anonymous said...

good job on the cake!


Anonymous said...

that is freaking great jess!!! um when are you going to make me a princess cake?!