Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Staying a While

Just a quick update. The assessment worker called today to say that the parents were much more helpful yesterday at the court hearing. There isn't a suitable relative that lives far enough away from the parents for the kids to live with. So they'll be staying with us at least for now. He told us to go ahead and enroll them in school. So I did that today. The neat thing is that Miss Lady, Thumbelina, and Snow White will all be attending school in the same building. There are three schools that share a huge building. Thumbelina and Snow White will actually be in the same school and will get to ride the bus home together starting tomorrow.

I'm going to drive Thumbelina to school tomorrow so that we can find out who her new teacher is and she can get a quick tour to see where everything is located. I don't want to just stick her on the bus and hope someone meets her there and knows what to do with her. Miss Lady is sad that she has to say goodbye to friends over the next two days. Her new school sounds fun, though. It's a charter school with a focus on the arts like painting, music, and drama. Another bonus is that she'll be getting out of school an hour earlier every day and her bus stop is right in front of our house. Well, it's ten o'clock at night and I'm just now going to start on all the paperwork that I have to turn in to her school tomorrow.


Shannon said...

that cool. all in the same building. wow I would be scared if I was little. by the way i took the picture that school during build day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates.