Monday, October 13, 2008


I can't post a picture of our car right now because it is currently broken down at the top of the on ramp at 104th and I-36 with Daniel sitting inside it freezing and waiting for a tow truck to arrive.

After the tow truck hauls it to the repair shop then Daniel will wait for our friend, Ron (yes, the trombone guy again), to come help us once again. He agreed to give Daniel a ride home. Daniel had been on his way to work when the car died. He's coming home because there is simply no way we can accomplish everything we need to tomorrow plus get the car fixed if Daniel doesn't get some sleep tonight.

Tomorrow is Foster Parent Food Bank delivery day. I won't be able to go anymore because of the multiple school bus schedule I'm dealing with, so Daniel was supposed to sleep from 7am to 11am and then again in the afternoon. Adding car trouble into the mix makes it simply impossible. Did I mention that the van is making a funny sound, too, and replacing all the tires didn't fix the problem? We'd appreciate any and all prayers for our transportation needs right now. I'm just so incredibly grateful that Daniel is okay tonight.


Kelly said...

I will pray for you. I hope your car is nothing expensive. Your life is so crazy right now..this is the last thing you needed. That's why satan chose to attack in this way. Hang in there and know God is in control. Many prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

My car broke down and i think it was Satan. WHAT?!?

Luke said...

Lord, I ask that You provide for Jess and her family despite the car troubles. We thank You that things have worked out so well thus far, and we look forward to how You will work out the details. Amen.


Jess said...

Actually, if you want to look at it from a "spiritual aspect" I consider things like this not to necessarily be an attack, but rather the natural result of original sin. Ever since sin entered the world bringing with it death and decay things have naturally begun to break down.

So, when times like these come along we just trust God to take care of us. For instance, you know that last night our car broke down. What you don't know is that today we found out that it's going to cost $650 to fix. AND that last night we also received a check direct deposited to our bank account for...yup, just barely over $650. God is good!

Kelly said...

Glad things worked out! To God be the glory. God is good!