Monday, October 27, 2008

Tennis: Fun but Dangerous

Daniel took the kids out to play tennis the other day after Thumbelina's birthday party was over. First he worked with Miss Lady while I kept the other kids inside. It turns out that she has a natural talent for tennis. She picked it up fast and within 30 minutes was able to actually play. Then I passed out rackets and brought the kids out. I spent most of my time taking pictures and sending gentle practice shots over the net for the younger girls.

Kevin had to be reminded that tennis rackets are not clubs to beat your brother over the head with when he grabs the ball you wanted, nor are they intended to be used to pound the ground while yelling, "Pam! Pam!" They did enjoy our crazy game of "Clean Up Your Own Backyard" where we dump out the entire basket of tennis balls on both sides of the net and then race to knock the balls across to the other side. Miss Lady's team lost and we explained to them that you don't send the two oldest players on the team out to fetch the balls that fly over the fence and leave the four and five year old to defend your side of the court. I'm sure they'll strategize better next time.

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